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Efficiently rebalance thousands of accounts
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The most comprehensive modeling and
rebalancing tool on the market.

Modeling Tool
Intuitive Modeling Tool

With our comprehensive modeling tool, you can create, edit and maintain your models or import your models in seconds.

  • Create and maintain security based models with targets and tolerance levels​. Use any combination of stocks, bonds and cash
  • Create model of models with up to five levels of nesting – these models can also contain any number of securities
  • Create attribute based models using any security attribute (sector, industry, market cap or asset classes)
  • Set triggers for model of models to update when underlying model changes
  • Set alerts when the accounts following this model drift beyond a specified threshold

Next Generation Rebalancing

Our rebalancing engine was designed from the ground up based on quadratic programming techniques and principles. To be exact, we create a sell list and a buy list. Infinitesimal trades are made and their effects on portfolio are analyzed, real-time. If the impact is beneficial to the portfolio, the rebalancing engine pursues the most favorable path. This methodology lets you achieve the most optimal rebalanced portfolio.

  • Rebalance to target or rebalance to tolerance or minimize turnover
  • Harvest losses, harvest gains, raise cash, invest cash or minimize taxes
  • Rebalance in selected/drifted asset class or all asset classes
  • Rebalance household accounts with up to 15 sleeves
  • Tilt or bias your portfolio towards an attribute like div yield or PE ratio, for example
  • Mix and match taxable, non-taxable and attribute based accounts in a household
  • Rebalance with attribute tolerance to lower turnover
  • All methodologies for share lot depletion are suppoted

Integrated Trading
Integrated Trading

Our integrated trading component helps you manage the entire process – from portfolio, order management to trade execution without leaving our system.

  • View, edit and delete trades before submitting
  • Create blocks of all the trades of the same securities to lower transaction costs
  • Connectivity to hundreds of brokers via FIS Global
  • Send the trades to the broker of your choice

Quadratic Programing
Why you should care about something you'll never see.
Infinitesimal Trades
that are always working in your favor.
Optimal results.
Because the math works as hard as you do.
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