The finance industry deserves

smarter, better technology

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Innovative products that are changing

the way financial decisions get made.

Softpak‘s Universal Rebalancer (UREBAL) offers technology solutions to help you automate your rebalancing process and scale your firm for growth. The right solution can free you from time-consuming portfolio maintenance tasks so you can focus on serving clients and building your business.

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Managed Account Rebalancing System (MARS) is a highly scalable wealth management technology that allows for any asset management firm to provide a consistent and efficient methodology to the process of managing taxable and tax-exempt accounts while applying the best thinking of the firm to every investment decision.

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Our Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) helps you identify, store and share risk data in a consistent and methodological manner across the organization. Automate the process of capturing inherent, residual and target risk evaluations, as well as other relevant assessment data. Establish KPIs to provide an early warning of potential changes to risk exposure.

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SoftPak Risk Analytics (SRA) offers a suite of flexible, multi-asset class analytic tools to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. With input from leading academics, we can help you analyze risk across broad factors, let you know exactly where you stand.

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What makes us different.

Deep Expertise

A staff of highly trained, certified engineers. Our employee retention rate is best in class — an average of 9 years. We specialize in software for the financial industry and understand what our clients need

Trusted Partners

We’ve partnered with the best in the industry, proven leaders in the finance industry.  These relationships are built on trust and reliability — and a track record for delivering for years.


We’re driven to help our clients succeed and that comes through in our project management, attention to detail and quality and the high standards we have for our products.

Diverse Platforms

An industry-wide network of clients, advisors and partners providing support, market insight and resources for use by our clients as needed.