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in portfolio optimization.

SoftPak Managed Account Rebalancer


Manage for risk. Optimize

for maximum profits.

Portfolio Construction and Tax Management

Identify, measure and control risk before, during and after the rebalancing process, Capture and use client-specific tax information, including wash sales, short/long term tax rates and more.

Model Management

Load, maintain and manage your own proprietary model portfolios with no limit to the number of models or holdings. Easily blend together single strategy models to create multi-style portfoilios.

Customized Reporting

Run either the standard reports that come with MARS or build your own set of reports through the completely transparent information stored in the MARS database.

Risk Management

Monitor and manage risk across multiple portfolios. Structure private wealth portfolios with Northfields optional “Everything Everywhere Risk Model” which includes security-level coverage for all asset classes.


  • Reduce turnover in accounts; especially when client mandates (harvest losses, cash withdrawals, etc) are placed on the account
  • Create tax optimized portfolios – although this does require proper tax lot accounting (correct cost basis information, etc.)
  • Streamline operational efficiencies by automating more of the rebalancing process
  • Apply a consistent methodology to the ‘portfolio manufacturing’ process – regardless of who is touching account
  • Control drift or tracking error for accounts that follow a given model/strategy

What makes us different.

Deep Expertise

A staff of highly trained, certified engineers. Our employee retention rate is best in class — an average of 9 years. We specialize in software for the financial industry and understand what our clients need

Trusted Partners

We’ve partnered with the best in the industry, proven leaders in the finance industry. These relationships are built on trust and reliability — and a track record for delivering for years.


We’re driven to help our clients succeed and that comes through in our project management, attention to detail and quality and the high standards we have for our products.

Diverse Platforms

An industry-wide network of clients, advisors and partners providing support, market insight and resources for use by our clients as needed.