A better view of risk

across the enterprise

SoftPak Enterprise Risk Manager


A unified view of risk – unprecedented
coverage and simplified data management.

Risk Identification

Review the overall portfolio or intuitively break it down into completely hierarchies. ERM provides predicted risk analysis across all investment assets down to granular detail.

Stress Testing

Always be prepared. ERM helps you develop stress testing and scenario analysis both parametric and non-parametric. 

Multiple Views

Understand risk by groups of securities that share features or a combination of them across sub-portfolios and investment mandates. Include custom securities on demand.

Customized Reporting

Get customized risk reports including market exposure, distributional qualities and extreme events.

Specifically designed for

portfolio management, not banking.

Unlike many risk software products, SoftPak’s Enterprise Risk Manager is designed for large, sophisticated asset managers:

  • Public and private pension funds
  • Multi-strategy investment managers
  • Sovereign-wealth funds
  • Long-term asset owners