At SoftPak, we have established teams of professionals with in-depth knowledge of business, industry and emerging technologies. Through innovative and collaborative processes, these teams accelerate the rate of innovation for software development and ensure complete client satisfaction.

The methodology that we have developed provides our clients with a flexible, efficient framework that also provides a time-to-market advantage. We break our process into these key stages:

Assessment - Information gathering stage with the key players where we identify and define the business problem that needs to be solved.

Specifications - We identify and analyze key issues, parameters and requirements.

Design - While we leverage our past knowledge, every system we design is custom-built for that specific client and is not available to competitors.

Development - We work in a recursive process, delivering different stages of the project at key intervals to make certain your project stays on time and on budget.

Quality Assurance - Our rigorous testing guidelines ensure that the solution we deliver is solid on every front.

Launch - We ensure everything goes smoothly - from making certain the users have the training they need to deploying the application without a hitch, bug or glitch.

Support - After a successful launch, our professionals will continue to support our clients needs.

So when it comes to developing customized software applications from analytical tools to web - enabled solutions, leave the heavy lifting to us.

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