SoftPak Financial Systems releases multicore server for high volume processing

2005-09-30:  Boston, MA -  

SoftPak is pleased to announce that the MARS Multicore Server Platform is now available for clients that license the MARS Enterprise technology.

“Based on the volume of accounts that our clients need to process on any given day, there was a significant need to create a highly scalable and stable software architecture capable of processing bulk optimization tasks in a client/server paradigm” commented Naaz Scheik, President of SoftPak during the product’s launching ceremony.

With the inductance of improved client/server architecture, the portfolio rebalancing process across tens of thousands of accounts may be achieved through a set of dedicated Multicore Servers. MARS Multicore Server Platform is based on a client/server architecture capable of performing multi-level optimizations; hence reducing overall processing time and giving an exponential boost to the stability and scalability of the portoflio management process.

Optimal resource allocation architecture gives an exponential boost to optimization throughput by moving the computational load off the front end application and employing a centralized back-end server-based computing system to perform the actual rebalancing process. This results in reduced overhead on client-end machines due to advanced resource optimization / load slicing and balancing algorithms implemented at the server end; yielding optimal dependency and efficiency.

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