1. 2005-06-30: Boston, MA - SoftPak Financial Systems has released a Web-based version of MARS (Managed Account Rebalancing System).

    SoftPak releases Web-based interface for MARS (Managed Account Rebalancing System). more...

  2. 2005-03-30: Boston, MA - SoftPak Financial Systems doubles its office space in Pakistan to meet the client demand.

    SoftPak recently doubled its offshore development space in Pakistan to allow the office to better serve its Global clients. more...

  3. 2002-11-14: Boston, MA - SoftPak Financial Systems releases new tool to rebalance large numbers of portfolios MARS (Managed Accounts Rebalancing System).

    In partnership with Northfield Information Services and Checkfree APL, SoftPak has developed an open highly scalable product that automates and streamlines the portfolio rebalancing process. more...


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