In partnership with Northfield Information Services, SoftPak has developed a highly scalable wealth management technology that allows for any asset management firm to provide a consistent and efficient methodology to the process of managing taxable and tax-exempt accounts while applying the best thinking of the firm to every investment decision.

The key "drivers" behind the decision to implement the MARS technology include:

  • Desire to reduce turnover in accounts; especially when client mandates (harvest losses, cash withdrawals, etc) are placed on the account
  • Desire to create tax optimized portfolios – although this does require proper tax lot accounting (correct cost basis information, etc.)
  • Desire to streamline operational efficiencies by automating more of the rebalancing process
  • Desire to apply a consistent methodology to the ‘portfolio manufacturing’ process - regardless of who is touching account
  • Desire to control drift or tracking error for accounts that follow a given model/strategy
Risk-Based versus Rule-Based. Now you don't have to choose.
MARS uses Northfield's open optimizer technology - any structured risk model can be used with this rebalancing method. In addition, MARS also has a built-in rule based rebalancing engine that allows users to enter rules and criteria to buy and sell their holdings. MARS is the only fully-integrated open software solution that offers both methodologies

Available in either a standalone or enterprise windows-based version, clients have the ability centralize the process of performing risk analysis or full portfolio rebalancing. As a compliment to the windows-based version of MARS, SoftPak has developed a web-based version that will allow the portfolio manager/trust officer the ability to rebalance his/her accounts based on either the results of risk analysis (manage by exception) or some client-directed mandate (harvest gains, losses, etc.).

Download MARS Data Sheet         Download MARS Presentation         Download MARS FAQ

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